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Introduction of The Second Hospital of HMU

The second hospital of Hebei Medical University was first established in 1918 and now we are a comprehensive Grade Ⅲ Class A hospital combining medical care, teaching, scientific research, health care, rehabilitation and first-aid. Currently we have 80 medical departments, 19 medical laboratories, 2816 authorized beds, 3140 actual open beds. Our annual volume of outpatients and emergency visits is 2.17 million, discharged patients are 130 thousand, and the number of major and medium surgery is 27 thousand.

We have 8 national key clinical specialist programs, 17 provincial key clinical specialist programs. There is 4824 staff in our hospital now, and 303 of them are senior professional technical staff, 442 of them are vice-senior professional technical staff.   

We have a galaxy of talents including 78 provincial excellent experts who also have the title of provincial level outstanding contributions of middle-aged and young experts and enjoy special government allowances, 1 Chinese Academy of Engineering academician, 1 top-level talent of Hebei province, 25 doctoral supervisors. We have 1 province of state laboratory under the Ministry of Education, 1 specialized subject clots, 3 key disciplines under Education Department of Hebei Province, 4 provincial key laboratories under Science and Technology Department of Hebei Province, 15 key clinical disciplines, 1 key medical develop  subject under Health Department of Hebei Province. And we are Collaborative Innovation Center  of Cardio-cerebrovascular disease prevention and control in Hebei province.

We are awarded 5 third class awards for science and technology development in Hebei province, 58 provincial awards for science and technology progress. Our 75 papers which are completed independently are included in SCI, and 23 are included in SCIE, impact factor doubled over last year. We published 449 papers in sci-tech core journals and statistical source journals and 11 scientific monographs.

Our comprehensive influence of science and technology ranks No. 95 in 1324 Grade Ⅲ Class A hospitals nationwide in 2015 comprehensive influence of science and technology ranking list among Chinese hospitals, a surname of BBS development of Chinese medicine held by Chinese academy of medical sciences and Science China, and Neurology ranks 16th for its discipline influence.

We are the only hospital in Hebei province enters top 100 hospitals with comprehensive influence of science and technology ranking list. As the largest clinical teaching hospital affiliated to Hebei Medical University, we own 6 provincial excellent courses, 16 Doctoral majors, 33 undergraduate majors. In 2015, altogether 1741 students including undergraduates and postgraduates study in our hospital.

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