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Department of Emergency

Department of Emergency is the national key clinical program, provincial key discipline, national clinical pharmacology base, emergency residency training base, emergency medicine postgraduate cultivation site. We are good at handling with poisoning, critical diseases, and trauma. Our daily emergency visits over 400 which rank No.1 in Hebei province. Green channel, emergency special registration office, financial office, pharmacy, laboratory, B-ultrasound room, CT room and other auxiliary offices are set here. We have 30 floating beds, 18 beds in resuscitation room, 25 beds in observation room, operating room, 11 beds in EICU and 40 beds in wards.
Our department owns around 200 staff which include 7 chief physicians, 8 vice-chief physicians, 9 postgraduate tutors, 5 Ph. D., 2 Ph.D. candidates and 30 postgraduates.






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